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We now have a few spaces available across the week to take on new paws!

What does Swifty Strolls offer?
- Group Walks
- Group Secure Field Sessions
- 121 Training Walks
- Pop in Visits
-  Pet Sitting

Who are we?

Hello and thanks for visiting!


So before we get into the nitty gritty I thought it would be best to share a little bit of background with you first of all...


I started the company Swifty Strolls in 2019 based on my genuine love of dogs and the desire to have a business helping others as well as surrounding myself with different dogs on a daily basis. Having a family dog growing up and having the responsibility to look after her gave me that idea and passion to help others as I understood it is not always easy to make arrangements for your dog around work or general commitments!

I  have my very own Rottweiler who is 3 and she has been great in furthering my experience with the bigger breeds of dogs and I very much enjoy training her. We are currently working on our competitive obedience training! I find it highly interesting and she is another reason why I have advanced my knowledge into the training and behaviour world to help you with your puppies and dogs!


I  have experience dealing with and looking after all breeds of dogs from King Charles Spaniels, cockapoos and French Bulldogs to big Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds as well as puppies at 8 weeks to nervous rescues to old fragile dogs; whatever type of canine friend you have... we will be sure to cater for them!

For more info visit our History and Meet the Team pages or alternatively feel free to ask us any questions regarding our experience!


Are we insured?

Yes! We are absolutely fully insured for all dog walking and pet minding aspects of the business with Cliverton Insurance. A certificate can be shown if required. 

Do we accept all dogs?

Of course! We don't discriminate against breed or size here! We have worked with all types of dogs including the biggest breeds and the tiniest breeds, older dogs and young puppies, sociable dogs and nervous and aggressive dogs! We have something that will suit all dogs!

I haven't used a dog walker before, how does it work?

That's no problem! After your initial enquiry we will set up a meet and greet which is free of charge to discuss in more detail what you are looking for and how everything works. This gives you an opportunity to meet us in person and to ask us any questions you may have! Following on from this meet we will book your pooch in for a first walk which will be a trial session to see how they get on!

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday

8.00am - 6.30pm


Details on request and demand

Contact Us

Woof! Thank you! Hope to meet you and your furry friend soon!

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