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Why choose Swifty Strolls? Our experience!

Here at Swifty Strolls we believe that every dog should have the chance to explore the outside world every day but we understand that it's not easy and not all owners can take their beloved friend out daily. So whatever your situation is we want to leave you with the peace of mind that you can leave your furry friend with us and we will ensure they get only the very best walkies!


Swifty Strolls is a company that has been created from pure passion and love for dogs. The experience that I already had from walking and looking after dogs is what drove me to create this company. I love the outdoors and I have always been a girl who is into sports and health and fitness so to combine the two together along with my love of dogs is a dream come true.


As you can see from the pictures across this website I have experience dealing with many different breeds of dogs from small dogs to big dogs, puppies to older dogs and both friendly and nervous/aggressive dogs however, prior to walking and caring for your dog it is essential that I meet you as the owner first to get to know you and get to know the dog before taking it out of their home. I feel strongly about getting to know the owners as well as the dogs to understand the needs of your animal, their likes and dislikes and their requirements! This will also give you the opportunity to ask myself any further questions so you can get to know me too!

On all initial meet and greets you will also meet a second member of the team if I believe your dog may be in their care too so that you can build a relationship with them too and have that extra peace of mind that your pooch is in safe hands no matter who the handler is.

Just to give you a further peace of mind please be aware we are fully insured for animal trades including dog walking and pet minding as well as having animal management and canine first aid qualifications. 

Thank you for taking the time to visit Swifty Strolls and I look forward to meeting you very soon!

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