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Which walkies is right for you?

All dogs are transported in air conditioned vehicles and are given access to water after every walk no matter the weather, all dogs are also transported with blankets and towels for comfort, cleaned and dried off after rain and muddy walks to prevent muddy paws; (we will shower and wash where we can) and also given rain coats where possible (if not provided) for the wetter / snowy wintery walks to keep as dry and warm as possible!


Group Walkies


Whether you've got a little Yorkshire Terrier who loves the outdoors or a Labrador who needs an hours run... we can cater for you! We will pick your pooch up, take them to the nearest suitable space and ensure they receive a full hours walk. If they love to chase a ball... we will make sure we bring the ball too or if they just like to walk on the lead next to you.. we can do that too! We will bring them back safely to your house, dry them off with a towel and make sure they are happy with enough water before we leave them to wait for you! We can ensure they will make lots of new friends and we arrange our walks to suit our dogs so we won't have one puppy with lots of old dogs or a nervous dog with lots of dogs who like to play. We will tailor each walk as best as we can to arrange the correct group ensuring all dogs on that walk get the most benefit!

121 Walkies 


For 121 Walkies these are either an hour or 45 Minutes as we understand that different pups require different lengths of walks and so we cater for all dogs big and small! We want your dog to get the most out of their walkies and just like if they were in a group we will take them home safely and make sure they are dry, have had a treat (with your permission of course), are back with their toys and have enough water until you arrive back home! 121 Walks are also great for nervous and reactive dogs - we have experience with both and we also have experience with muzzling dogs so if your dog does need to be muzzled don't let that stop you getting in touch! 


122 Walkies 

For 122 Walkies again these are mainly one hour long  (if you require a shorter or longer period of time then please contact us directly for pricing!) We understand that not everyone has just one dog but they may have 2 but would rather have them walk alone rather than in a group, or maybe they have a dog best friend and would like to walk just with them!  We can come and pick up both furry friends and take them for walkies together! We will ensure that they get sufficient exercise during whatever time period you choose and once again bring them back home safely until you arrive. We pride ourselves on giving each and every dog the same treatment so even if you have 2 pups we will be sure to give them equal amount of attention and love!


Puppy and Home Visits 

For Home Visits and Puppy Visits we will visit your pup and spend some time with them so they don't feel lonely all day! Whether you require them to just be let out in the garden or you would rather a quick round the block walk we can help! We are also quite happy to feed your dog so if they need lunch or a snack we can do this for you as well. This is great if you would like your dog to have some company for a while throughout the day, someone to play tug of war with or chase the tennis ball with or maybe just for some cuddles and some love, we will visit them for 20 minutes (additional timings available so please enquire for further pricing) and when we leave we will make sure they are happy and ready for your return!

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