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Meet The Team!

Hi, I'm Gemma!
Hi! I'm the founder and owner of Swifty Strolls! I have always been a great lover of dogs from an early age and after my family owning a rescue dog for over 10 years and surrounding myself with other dogs I decided to take my passion to the next level. After helping with other companies and walking for friends and family I created this company at the beginning of 2019 and since then I have gained experience with all different dogs meaning I am very comfortable with all breeds, ages and temperaments and I will promise to love your fury friend as much as you do (or at least give it a good go!) and give them the love and attention they require. I also own my own Rottweiler with my fiance so I understand that every dog is different and has their individual needs and requirements and  this is what has lead me to begin my journey in the training and behaviour world. I am currently under going different courses to increase my knowlesdge as well as shadowing local trainers and training my dog in competitive obedience so my mission is to help as many people as I can, whether that be training in something they are struggling with or giving their dog a great walk!

Thank you for reading and I hope to meet you soon! :)



Hi, I'm Julia

Hi! I have been working with Swifty Strolls since February 2021 and so far I am loving this chapter of my life and enjoying sharing it with all the little (or large) furry friends! It makes me so happy to see the dogs wagging their tails and excited to go for a walk when I arrive. I know how much they mean to you and your family and I always treat them like I would my own. Each and every one has its own unique character and I always do my best to tune in to their needs, likes and dislikes to really build a bond with all of them whilst they are in my care. I have experience dealing with a range of breeds and I walk with a maximum of 3 dogs to ensure maximum attention to all. 


Hi, I'm Dana

Hi! I have been working with Swifty Strolls since July 2021 and after working in retail but owning a working cocker spaniel and a rescue Rottweiler it is a dream to change my career and have a job following my passion. After studying animal management I have a great understanding of how to tune in to each dogs requirements and to watch their body language on their walks to make sure they are having nothing but the best walk and enjoying themselves at all times! Not only that it is great to build a relationship with each and every dog I work with and all the cuddles at the beginning and end of the walks make every day even better! I have experience dealing with all types of breeds and tempermants and have experience dealing with both puppies and aggressive adult dogs and everything inbetween!

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