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Dog & Puppy Training 

Please contact us directly to book in your date and time of your session! 

We offer train and stroll sessions for when you are not available as well as 121 training sessions to help correct and modify any unwanted behaviours, solidify commands and help with general obedience and training! We have previously worked with clients to help with behaviours such as lead walking, jumping up, re-call around distractions, dog reactivity and general puppy obedience. We offer a free consultation to discuss your dog's needs, what you are looking for as an end result and to put a plan in place on how to get there!

I am continuously looking to extend my training knowledge and capabilities however below are a few of the courses and webinars I have completed or are currently working towards. I am also currently working and training my Rottweiler in competition obedience. 

Courses & Webinar's Completed


  • Learning Theory Explained Certificate

  • Breed and Predatory Motor Patterns Certificate

  • Seperation Anxiety Related Disorders Certificate

  • Thoughtful Enrichment Certificate

  • 2 Day Career as a dog trainer 

  • Level 3 Learning Motivation and Reinforcement (ongoing)

Canine Principals

  • Loose Lead Walking Certificate

  • Canine Resource Guarding Certificate

British College of Canine Studies

  • Competition Obedience Certificate (on going)

  • Level 4 Advanced Canine Diploma (on going)

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